What is faster than a cheetah on a caffeine high?

Poliath digital and non-digital product development.

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What we do

‘Nobody has the time for that’ is the sentence we’ve heard a million times.
And when it comes to business, we absolutely agree.
We had no time to joke around, too.

This is why we developed the super-sonic, ultra-mega-fast system for even more efficient digital and non-digital product development.

We don’t just develop products; we create them so fast we’re starting to wonder if we have superpowers. But every superhero has its equally powerful sidekicks.

Harvesting the power of IoTaaP, and the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our inventor Ivan Golubić, we gathered a team of strategic product and brand developersSo we can provide a full-service product developing experience for you.

From idea to market. Because your business goals can’t wait, right? And we are here to help YOU be the superhero of your business story.

Why should you come to Poliath’s side?

We use the power of IoTaaP so that we can build digital and non-digital products 2x faster

We can provide full-service product development: from ideation to prototyping to product making to branding, marketing, and product launching

We have a proven concept-building process that minimizes errors

Our products are industry and technology-agnostic: they are made for every industry, every platform, every device, and every man to use them, they are basically – limitless

Let's focus on you

This is how you can profit and skyrocket from our services

Increased competitiveness

Outpace your competitors and respond to changing market conditions more quickly

Reduced risk

Reduce risk because you’ll be able to identify and address issues more quickly

Increased innovation

Experiment and innovate more quickly, bring new ideas and solutions to life expeditely

Reduced costs

Save costs, as less time and resources are required to complete the project

Improved quality

Maintain a high level of quality because you’ll be able to focus on the most critical aspects of the project

Enhanced product differentiation

Faster time-to-market will provide you the differentiation you need, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue


Top Notch Services

Your project is in hands of experts for startups and enterprises that design, develop and operate innovative IT and IoT solutions

Product Development

We don’t just break the mold; we pulverize it and start from scratch.
To develop digital and non-digital products faster and more efficiently, we use the power of IoTaap. And Poliath’s IoTaap is just like a time machine but for product development.

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Engineering Services

We eat, sleep, and breathe innovation. A dedicated team of experts will deliver your solution by providing top-notch engineering and consulting services. Whether it’s embedded hardware or software development, or mechanical engineering.

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Cloud and Application

In the world of product and application development, the cloud is the ultimate wingman – always ready to help you score big.
You can build, test, and deploy your applications in the cloud, enabling your products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Branding and Marketing

Branding, marketing, and product development are like a three-legged stool – if one fails, the whole thing falls apart.
With marketing, you can finally make people care about your product, and with branding, you can make them think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

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