Poliath is real. And he can do wonders.


Before Poliath, there was nothing.
Nothing like Poliath, for sure.

Poliath is not a mythical creature. It’s not some “smoke and mirrors “kind of guy that will show you the cheap tricks he learned in the wizardry class at the local community center. Poliath is not some magical guy who can turn water into wine or guess the cards you are holding. Poliath spent years and years abroad and went beyond to carefully and resourcefully craft his mastery of innovations.

His power of imagination and skillful hands handcrafted numerous products and technology pieces his clients asked of him. Yet, years passed, projects were streamlined, budgets were tight, and Time was sparse. But Poliath kept his head down and continued to be better and better.

In 2023 Poliath was born as a part of MVT Solutions Group

It all started with Ivan Golubic and Luka Beban, two enthusiasts interested in the same thing – technology. They shared a vision of creating an innovative company that would do one simple thing – build products that would change the World, and MVT Solutions was founded in 2016. Ivan was still in college during that period. A few years later, Drazen Pehar, the first investor, joined the crew together with Vedran Blagus, a financial expert and voice of reason. In the upcoming years, our team grew, new business partners joined, and new projects came.


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