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MVT Solutions Group LTD is proud to announce the launch of their newest brand, Poliath, a full-service product development company that specializes in digital and physical products with the help of fast and efficient IoTaaP technology.

After spending three years in the United Arab Emirates, working on projects for prestigious clients such as the Dubai Police and members of the Royal Family, the founders of MVT Solutions Group, Ivan Golubić, and Luka Beban, saw the potential of IoTaaP technology. They realized that this innovative technology enables the development of digital projects up to three times faster and simpler than other technologies available in the market.

Poliath is a brand that brings together a team of 15 experts who are dedicated to providing clients with a complete product development service – from the idea to putting it on the market. The services offered by Poliath include product development, engineering, cloud application development, branding, and all marketing and communication activities. The ultimate goal of Poliath is to help clients achieve their business objectives, specifically product sales.

One of the key advantages of IoTaaP technology is that it is open source, making it easier to connect and functional on all devices. The technology is also intended for all platforms, which means that connecting all devices and sensors to the network (Internet) can be done in just 10 minutes. Third-party integration is simple, and it reduces errors during the production process.

Poliath’s experience and speed of product creation offer several benefits to their clients. By saving time and money in the long run, clients can place their products on the market faster, allowing for a larger market share. The faster placement of products on the market also provides greater competitiveness and a competitive advantage brought by IoTaaP innovation. This agility allows for quicker reactions to market volatility and customer needs. Additionally, the quick placement of products on the market results in higher incomes and efficient business scaling.

In addition, Poliath’s expertise and use of IoTaaP technology lead to higher product quality, as speed allows for a focus on the most critical aspects of the project. This also results in faster identification and resolution of problems, reducing business risks. Finally, the quick entry into the market leads to greater brand reputation and differentiation, which results in increased customer loyalty.

In summary, Poliath offers a unique approach to product development, combining their knowledge and experience with the innovative IoTaaP technology to provide clients with a complete service that is faster, more efficient, and higher quality. For businesses looking to innovate, increase revenue, and scale their operations, Poliath is the partner to choose.


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