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Charging station


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • Software development


Greentech Group


2018/10 – 2019/01


GStation is an intelligent charging station for electric bikes. GStation is the first innovative product with the ‘IoTaaP embedded’ standard, which means it’s fully compatible with predefined requirements. During idle, the station will act as a weather station, showing and collecting data about noise, temperature, humidity, etc. The user can select available bike models for automatic charging power adjustments or manually enter charging voltage and current. The station can be connected to our servers using GPRS, 3G, WiFi or Ethernet.


  • STM32
  • PSU design
  • Hardware design
  • Mechanical engineering of the station
  • MQTT, IoTaaP

Impressive result.

We developed a complete charging station from the initial concept to the production phase.

Benchmark development time
8 months
Poliath development time
3 months
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